The Luminous Heart of Nowhere
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Pink Avalanche — The Luminous Heart of Nowhere
Release date : Nov. 18, 2014
Label : Past/Futures Records LLC
  1. Chalk And Crimson
  2. Petals
  3. You Lost Me
  4. Oath
  5. Silver Tongue
  6. Trapped In Amber
  7. :
  8. In Empty Spaces
  9. ::
  10. Orbiter/Amaranth
  11. Breathe Deep
  12. Carbon Blank

The Luminous Heart of Nowhere, the second album by Chicago quartet Pink Avalanche, sees the band expanding upon and exploring new dimensions of the sonic ideas touched upon in their debut album Wraiths. Unlike the Wraiths material, all recorded before the band had yet played live, Nowhere is the bold reflection of a band after years playing and writing together.

The band entered the studio with guitarist/vocalist Che Arthur engineering in early 2014 to record The Luminous Heart of Nowhere, an album sure to establish Pink Avalanche as heirs to a revitalized era of heartland post-punk.