New site, “Wraiths” digital release date announce

On this new site there are a bunch of nice new features such as the player (on the music page) where you can stream all the songs from the upcoming Wraiths album. Also you can now get a free download of the song “Corpse” by just hitting a button and typing in your email address.

This leads into other exciting news, which is that we have a digital release date set for Wraiths now. It’s coming out digitally May 28 on Past/Futures Records. At that point it’ll be available on iTunes, Amazon, Insound, Spotify, Rdio, etc etc etc. But you’ll also be able to buy it straight from the store on this site.

As well, at release time we’ll be introducing new T-shirts for sale here on the site and at shows, and those will each come with a free download code for the album.

There are plans coming together for some new shows as well, which we’ll have more info for you about. Hope to see you all there.

— che

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